Product Designer at Farmers Business Network

Formerly Extole, One Workplace, and the Real Estate and Workplace Services team at Google

Studied History & Philosophy at Gonzaga University and earned a Masters in Architecture from the University of Oregon


Hi, I’m John Ferrigan and I design solutions.


Whether it's software for farmers, marketing tools, residential architecture, or print collateral, design is fundamentally about one, simple thing: creating solutions. 

Discovering those solutions requires diligence and the self-control required to not immediately skip to the look and feel. Rather, the hard work of design is the research, observation, testing, and iteration. That is what makes design so powerful.



I am the product designer at Farmers Business Network. I have been responsible for the design of all of our newest products, which include our online store and marketplace called FBN Direct, our Crop Marketing tool, and our Yield Potential analysis. I have also been involved in the design of our new office as well as elements of our annual Farmer2Farmer conference.

Prior to FBN, I was the UX Designer at Extole, where I was responsible for our Marketer Control product that allowed marketers to create all of the assets necessary to launch referral programs from scratch.

Going even further back, I brought UX methodologies into architectural design when developing functional corporate and education interiors for One Workplace. And there was also a period of time where I was using AutoCAD to help analyze the usage of space at Google.

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