Objectively Good Tea

I recently gave a talk about the objectivity of beauty and design.  Ultimately, there is good design and bad design.

To back this up, I framed the conversation in terms of Jacques Maritain's three objective principles for beauty:

  • Integrity
  • Proportion
  • Clarity

The concept of integrity hinges on the notion that "the mind delights in the fullness of being."

Proportion within art appeals to the essence of our very nature in that "the intellect is not pleased with disorder."

And due to the fact that "the object of the intellect is the intelligible," we seek clarity in all that we do.

So, how stoked was I when I saw this on the side of a Teas'Tea bottle?


Integrity = Quality

Integrity is the state of being whole, so the quality of a product could certainly be framed in terms of its completeness. 

Proportion = Taste

When considering proportion in terms of balance, it is then easy to understand the appropriate balance of flavors necessary to achieve good taste.

Quality = Quality

This is describing the very nature of the product.  Additionally, that's the exact same word, which is pretty great.

I geeked out on this and just had to share.  Does someone at Teas'Tea study the philosophy of beauty?

John FerriganComment