My First Big Yield at FBN

It is a privilege to be the designer on a truly meaningful product that is helping farmers make informed decisions about their operations using shared, aggregated data. Below is information from Farmers Business Network on the new Yield Potential feature.

FBNSM  Yield Potential is the ultimate tool for maximizing yield on any field. Not only will you see what yields you could be achieving by optimizing your variety-soil type combinations, you’ll also see what revenue and revenue/acre you could be earning based on current or inputted commodity prices. See which specific varieties other FBN farmers have used to achieve top yields on your soil types. Then use the Potential Yield Improvement Map to visualize how your yield potential varies within each field to identify specific areas that could be optimized.

What can I do with FBN Yield Potential?

  • Understand how alternative seed varieties might perform on your field based on real-world performance data and considering all of the field's soil types.             
  • See the amount of revenue and revenue/acre that you could earn by switching crops or varieties to take advantage of variety-soil type matching.      
  • Considering switching to a different crop on this field? Test crop, maturity, or brand changes in Yield Potential to see how it might impact your bottom line.
  • Use Potential Yield improvement maps to visualize exactly where, within a field, you can make changes to improve a field's performance.
  • Add varieties to your Favorites list to track seeds you’re interested in and to see how they perform on all of your fields.       

"Here’s something that collects it, puts it together in a format that you can actually use and get something out of it. This is what I was hoping and anticipating it would do. I was looking for something that would take this data, wash it out, and put it together with other stuff and tell me 'this is what your data is for, this is what your data’s telling you'."

- Pat Freese, North Dakota Farmer