Spotify's Beautifully Functional Ads

So, let me just start by saying that if I can have something pretty cool for free or pay for something pretty awesome, I'll pretty much go with the free option every time. This is certainly true of Spotify. I listen to it all the time while I'm designing, yet I still don't pay to get rid of the commercials.

Now I have a reason to stick with the free version. I love the visual design of Spotify's ads. They are both beautiful and functional. I guess that makes them beautifully functional.

A good ad does the following things:

  • Grab your attention
  • Convey the information effectively and succinctly
  • Provide a clear way to take action 

Now look at this ad.

Spotify Ad 1.png

Does it grab your attention?

The bright colors, the dynamic imagery, and the creative copy all do the job well. The lighter-than-normal shade of purple stands out compared to other ads that I see. The green really pops against the purple backdrop. That guy looks like he is having a great time listening to Spotify, doesn't he? And "hip to skip" is a great way to target an ad to someone like me. I use Spotify a lot, and I'd love to skip tracks I don't feel like listening to. Maybe I should pony up.

Does it convey the information effectively and succinctly?

"Hip to Skip" conveys the value prop in three small words. Then it's supported by telling me that I can skip to my heart's content with a free thirty day trial. Will I be so happy with the benefits that I will hop out of my seat, forgo the design projects I'm working on, and dance around the office? That remains to be seen.

Does it provide a clear way to take action?

This is the part I like the most. The button says "Start 30 Day Trial". It reinforces what I'm going to sign up for. As I mentioned, the strong green really stands out on the purple background. But it is the subtle touch that I like the most. The dancing fool is also purple. It is a monotone, yet dynamic backdrop. But there is a green light cast on the figure in the image. Why is there a green light? The button is the light source! This green button is a beacon. It calls to you and our dancing friend. It is a very subtle touch that directs all of our attention to that shiny Call to Action in this ad.

I mean, just look at this guy. Like a moth to the flame, he can't stop looking right at that magnificent button.

Spotify Ad 3.png

Well done Spotify Design. Although, I think I'm going to keep my free account so that from time to time, I can continue to admire your design chops!

John FerriganComment