My Top 5 GIFs

Language is constantly evolving, in spite of some of our preferences. It's hard to imagine anything that has expedited that process more than the internet and SMS. While most people will point to emojis as the prime example of this, I prefer to look at GIFs and how they often capture emotion in a succinct way that the written word cannot.

Here are my Top 5 GIFs!

#5 Batman Thumbs Up

batman thumbs up.gif

This is my go-to GIF when I like something, but it's not the most amazing thing I've ever seen.


#4 Eternal Sunglasses

I can't help but enjoy GIFs that are a perfect loop. This one is the first I remember seeing that did the job well. It also helps me convey sheer amazement, whether sincere or sarcastic.


#3 Design Feedback

design feedback.gif

We've all been there, right? When I was in architectural design, focused on corporate interiors and furniture, I would experience almost this exact thing, just replace the toilet with a group of desks. The toilet works much better to convey the sentiment in the GIF though.


#2 Anime Herrera


Mexico's coach in the 2014 World Cup was bursting with emotion. Miguel Herrera stole the show and I can think of no greater GIF to express how pumped up I am about something.


#1 Mind Blown

mind blown.gif

This was the first GIF I ever remember seeing that actually made me laugh out loud. It speaks for itself.

John FerriganComment